Being labeled is a double-edged sword. At times a guide to reach a particular objective, the label can also quickly become a sign of recognition that takes away responsibility. Labels must therefore be demanding in the long term and these requirements sometimes alter the singularity of a project.

Furthermore, the labels give valuable indications to the public about an original project and offer guarantees of quality when the project is new.

In short, the label allows us to remain attentive to the general dynamics and to make choices in order to remain faithful to the values that the project has adopted.

From an economic and financial point of view, we have opted for a recognition of Financité which has been working for a long time to 'change finance'. We have a file under construction to obtain the Solidarity Finance label with which Naturia feels particularly in tune. It will allow us to realize soon a 'Public Offering of Placement Instrument(OPIP).

Our file will be presented to the Label Committee on September 29th.

From an ecological and energy point of view, we are currently following two paths.

We work with Natagora to integrate the Nature Network for businesses. Our file should also be ready during the month of September.

Anxious to adjust to the charter proposed by Common energy we became a cooperator of CLEF SCRL in order to be able to supply us with electricity at COCITER. We have thus obtained the mention #Energie Durable to include it in our 'Solidarity Finance' folder.

From a tourism point of view, it was essential that we participate in the Wallonia Destination Quality proposed by the General Commission for Tourism (CGT).

Although NaturiaAs an approved cooperative and social enterprise, we are not only a campsite but above all a place of welcome and experimentation for the renewal of economic, energetic, social and cultural practices. The articulation of our project with such an approach quickly became obvious.
Our vision, our missions go far beyond bringing comfort and entertainment to our audience.
We have proposed to the CGT the commitments listed here.
The small cherry on the cake of this approach is the obtaining of the label Welcome Bike which is fully in line with our project.