We preferred it to be poetic or funny, but frankly a rule book is pretty boring. In general at NaturiaOur visitors understand quickly and well, so we trust them too.

However, before the regulation, an important reminder; fishing at Naturia is to love fishing AND nature, ... including human nature.


Article 1: Any person is authorized to fish on the two bodies of water of the cooperative NaturiaYou may not fish in the Chimay Eco-Camp, except in all the waterways that cross it and in the areas marked with "No Fishing", "Private Bathing Area", "No Passing" or "Animal Feeding Area" signs, provided that you comply with these rules and regulations and have a fishing permit.

Fishing is practiced in a different way on the two bodies of water named as follows:

- the pond (downstream = 35 ares) is dedicated exclusively to trout fishing.

- The lake (1 hectare, 5ares) is mainly dedicated to fishing for white fish, carp, perch and pike. It is practiced exclusively in NO KILL.

Article 2: The fishing licences as well as the identity cards of the fishermen must be shown at each requisition made by a representative of the cooperative. Any refusal to present them may be sanctioned according to the provisions of article 10 of the present rules.

TITLE II - Opening and closing periods

Article 3:

fishing is open every day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Due to the exceptional weather conditions that we have been experiencing for several years in a row, fishing in the downstream pond (trout) may be prohibited if the water temperature is too high. (Anglers are always required to inform themselves beforehand on the website

The opening hours are as follows:

In spring and summer

Morning: from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm

Afternoon: from 1:00 pm to 8:30 pm

In autumn and winter: closed on Tuesdays!

Morning: from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Afternoon: from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm

NB: half-day fishing is only applicable for the downstream pond (trout).

TITLE III - Fishing rights and subscriptions

Article 4: The fishing rights and subscriptions are fixed at the following amounts (excluding special days):

Downstream pond : 

| 1 half day 19€ Guard : 2 trout under 45 cm = +/- 2kg

 | 1 day 29€ Guard : 4 trout under 45 cm = +/- 4 kg

The fishing card in the pond also authorizes fishing in the lake

Lake :

| 1 day 13€ Strictly NO KILL

| 1 year 150€ Strictly NO KILL

Individual rates

- Minors under 12 years of age accompanied by an angler of legal age may fish free of charge with 1 rod and on the site of the accompanying person

- The cooperators of class A fish for free with two rods maximum, always in NO KILL, they can be accompanied by a guest

Article 5 : The right to fish and the subscription are strictly personal. All anglers must register at the ecocamp reception. The fishing rights are prepaid via the online payment tools or collected, at the angler's location, by the cooperative representative during the morning and afternoon rounds. If the payment has not been prepaid, a ticket attesting to the payment of the fishing right must be given to the angler, failing which the angler is obliged to demand it.

TITLE IV - Internal order

Chapter 1: Behaviour of the users of the eco-camp ponds Naturia

 Article 6: The fisherman must take care not to damage the plantations or the banks of the ponds, and respect the fauna and flora of the ponds, in particular by not leaving fishing lines, hooks or any other form of fishing equipment in the water or on the edge of the ponds. He may not in any way frighten, hit or mutilate the animals. The angler must make sure that the place he has occupied remains clean and free of rubbish or papers when he leaves. He cannot, moreover, deposit material of any kind whatsoever on the benches located around the pond, these being reserved for walkers. He must respect the intimacy and the quietude of the residents of the domain. When the pond is frozen, it is forbidden for users to break the ice.

Chapter 2: Fishing tackle

Article 7 : Each angler can only use a maximum of two lines. These lines must remain under the fisherman's supervision at all times. Each angler must make sure that his lines are perpendicular to the bank. The fishing limits may not exceed half of the pond. The minimum distance between two anglers is 5 metres. The total area occupied by each angler and designated by the person in charge may not exceed 3 metres.

Article 8: Regulations specific to each body of water

In the downstream pond (trout) The only two authorized means of fishing are :

* the whipped fly rod. Trains of three flies maximum are allowed. All hooks used will be barbless or with barbs completely crushed with pliers.

* fishing with lures (soft, jointed, spoons) but ALWAYS with single hooks without barbs

Trout are sold by the kilo at a price of 9.5€/kilo

Kept trout will be killed cleanly and placed in a cooler. Trout may not be emptied on the property.

Once the catch quota has been reached, all trout will be gently released back into the water, ensuring that they return to the water in very good health. If the trout have engorged or are bleeding they must be killed immediately and cleanly. Each trout injured/killed in excess of the quota must be reported and will be subject to a surcharge of 9.5€/kilo.

Any other type of fish caught must be returned to the water immediately, ensuring that it is in good health.

Crayfish caught must be taken out of the water and given to the person in charge

Fly fishermen practice full NO KILL. If they wish to catch fish in addition to the quotas, they should contact the person in charge.

The maximum number of anglers at the same time is 7

In the Lake (upstream pond)

All forms of fishing can be practiced in full NO KILL!

All hooks used shall be barbless or with barbs completely crushed with pliers. 

For carnivorous fish, fishing with a spoon, a flexible or articulated lure is allowed. Fishing with live and/or dead fish is forbidden

Fishing with floating bread, with a line without a rod, with a landing net is prohibited. The use of paste is strictly forbidden.

The use of spoons, soft or articulated lures is allowed. The quantity of baits is limited to 500 gr per angler and per day. The spare rods are placed behind the angler (maximum distance of 4 meters). The landing mat for big fishes is compulsory !!!

The Bourriche is forbidden. The use of remote-controlled objects is forbidden except to lay the lines.

Crayfish caught must be taken out of the water and given to the person in charge

Night fishing is only allowed in exceptional cases with the explicit agreement of the Naturiathe price is fixed at 24€/24h including tent for 2 persons

The maximum number of anglers at the same time is 16

TITLE V - Control

Article 9: Those responsible for NaturiaThe enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the fishermen. Anglers are required to comply with their orders. They may request the right to inspect, at any time, any equipment (rod, tackle, etc.) that accompanies the fisherman, in order to note any possible infraction of the provisions of the present by-law. Any refusal on the part of an angler to undergo this inspection may be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of these regulations.

Article 10: In the event of infringement of the conditions of the present regulations, insubordination or malice, those responsible for Naturia may, where appropriate, apply one or more of the following penalties :

  • expel from the Estate any recalcitrant person or prohibit him/her from fishing for a specified period of time;
  • confiscate any fish caught in breach of this Regulation;
  • confiscate the fisher's equipment in whole or in part if the estimated cost of the damage related to their infraction represents a financial amount that the fisher could not immediately pay
  • return to the pond any fish that are not dead or injured
  • In addition, those in charge of the estate may prohibit the offender from fishing within the estate, either for a specific period or permanently.

TITLE VI Communal prohibitions at all times :

Any infringement of the municipal regulations is punishable by a fine and will automatically lead to the immediate withdrawal of access to fishing

- fishing at night except with special permission

- fishing outside of fishing stations

- build a fire

- operate a boat

- abandon its waste.

- fishing under the ice and therefore as soon as the pond is completely or partially frozen.

- bathe

- Intervene on the water level of the outlet monks

- Empty your fish on the site.

Parking: you are requested to park before the entrance of the domain on the parking lot for visitors.

TITLE VII - Liability

Article 11: If an event of force majeure should occur before or during the fishing season and which requires an interruption, even prolonged, of the practice of fishing, the persons in charge of the domain would not be held to refund, even partially, the amount of the ticket or the fishing action

Article 12: The possession of a subscription or a fishing permit implies the knowledge and acceptance of the provisions of the present regulations.

Article 13: Those responsible for Naturia decline all responsibility for loss or theft that may occur within the boundaries of the Domaine.

Article 14: Any case not provided for in the present regulations is subject to the appreciation of the domain managers

Article 15: Only the latest regulations published on the website are valid.