We offer you here a quick overview of the projects in progress for each of the fields of exploration that we have chosen.

From an economic point of view

It is a question, at the same time, of giving an economic autonomy to the project, of making the investment of the cooperators viable but also of implementing changes in the economic relations with the local producers, with our suppliers.

In this sense, Naturia favors lhe suppliers with whom we agree to engage in the logic of our project.

The Brewery of Silly is a family business that offers quality thirst-quenching products that make our visitors' visit refreshing. Sensitive to our dynamics and sharing our vision, the brewery has purchased shares in the cooperative Naturia SCES by becoming our supplier.

This unusual act for a company that is otherwise well integrated into the 'classic' economic fabric is, for NaturiaThis is both a precious mark of support and a sign that our project opens up a passage towards a 'different' economic dynamic which we can use to our advantage. encourage.

If Naturia is undoubtedly the first campsite to use the legal structure of the cooperative, the Brewery of Silly is certainly the first company to become a cooperator of such a structure and to take a different path towards transition.

From a social point of view

The site of Naturia wants to be open and welcoming to the different realities that cross our social fabric. Following our principles, we would like to say with Tahar Ben Jelloun that "nature creates differences and men make inequalities". Linking us to the principles of permaculture, this reflection led us to meet with the team of La Clairière, who very quickly embraced our proposals.

La ClairièreLocated in Bourlers, the shelter is a reception and accommodation center for adults, mixed, with or without children, in a precarious housing situation but also socially and/or financially. Some people have had a difficult and unstructured life, varying from a few days to several months before entering the shelter.

La Clairière has recently become a cooperator of Naturia and plans to include residents in various activities related to the maintenance of the site, once a week (permaculture garden, pruning...). A beekeeping project has also been initiated, whose hives will eventually allow the production of honey. The beehives have been set up and are maintained by the residents accompanied by the educators of the association.

These activities are adjusted to the rhythm and capacities of each person; the educational objective is to give the residents a taste for investment in a common project, allowing them to rediscover the feeling of being useful and to revalue their self-esteem.

Residents can also take advantage of the soothing surroundings to simply relax and escape from their usual daily routine.

A trailer has been set up by and for the residents on plot #14. Naturia and La Clairière have benefited, for this project, from the Social and Solidarity Innovation Grant of the Chimay-Wartoise Foundation.

From an ecological point of view

Naturia explores its modes of consumption, waste management and the resources available on the site.

To do this, we have two studies underway.

The first one is conducted in collaboration with the company WattElse to anticipate the needs of our campers while conducting a reflection on the energy modalities that will make us more autonomous and more consistent with the principles of permaculture. After having analyzed our consumption, made projections from our assumptions of development, we currently determine the opportunities to provide us with renewable energy.

The second one is realized with the help of Natagora. The objective is to improve the green spaces by proposing a management plan for the site. All of the facilities will be mapped and described in detail in a customized management report. At the time of submission of the report, Naturia will be able to sign the charter of the Nature Network for this site and to make a commitment to thefor biodiversity.