Naturia defines itself above all as a place of transition. It is a collective project that brings together people who are concerned about the issues of today's world - ecological, economic, political, social, cultural...

The project aims to encourage cooperation around the provision of a 6ha site for passage, to be understood in the broadest sense: 

to go through, spend a night, spend time, come and say hello...

... but also 

to pass to another thing, to pass from a state to the other, to pass from an idea to its realization.

Transition and passage are the resonators of our project. 

The values we have defined are Exploration, Contribution, Openness, Encounter and Wisdom. 

They form the ECORSe of our project.

In order to achieve this passage and inspire passers-by, the cooperators of Naturia have chosen to implement a relationship with the surrounding resources inspired by permaculture in its extended definition. It is not only a question of creating a link with nature (by creating a vegetable garden for example) but of being inspired by it to think and put into action changes in all the dimensions of our "being in the world".   

Permaculture is thus to be understood as  "the culture of the permanent".

In that spirit, Naturia explore more specifically three fields of experimentation:

  • energy: What autonomy is possible? What points of attention to propose?

  • economic: How to renew commercial and financial relationships? How toreroute flows towards achievement and care for each individual rather than speculation? 

  • socio-cultural: How to integrate rather than exclude? How to encourage participation rather than competition? Through artistic achievements and convivial practices.

The way relationships are formed at Naturia is based on the cooperative principles : Naturia is a cooperative approved by the National Cooperation Council and recognized as Social Enterprise.