The second part of these Internal Rules and Regulations (IRR) aims to mark out and frame the way we live together. This part is based on the ROI of the site written for tenants and visitors.

This part is closely related to our economic activity and complies with the legislation regulating camping in the Walloon Region.

We recall that we position ourselves as tenants of the territory we occupy with a debt of life to future generations. In this sense, it is essential to take care of the place and all its inhabitants.

We have decided to bring together people who have different goals for the Naturia territory.
We would like to point out that it is forbidden to register as a domicile or second residence with the administration of the municipality in which the campsite is located.



So that the management can work in the best possible way:

  • come and introduce yourself (and the people who come with you) when you arrive at the reception desk, we will be delighted to talk to you and this will allow us to know who is on site.
  • look after your children and/or those in your care, we do not have the possibility to watch them and our territory is full of discoveries but also full of potential dangers.
  • tell us when something is broken, dangerous, dirty or when there has been an accident
  • Because it's good to be reminded of this even though it may seem like common sense:
    • we respect each other through and by our differences
    • any racist, sexist or discriminatory comments or behavior is not acceptable at Naturia
    • we also respect the place, the infrastructures (sanitary, common kitchen, materials at disposal)
    • we respect nature, fauna and flora
    • you do not store hazardous materials or goods that may increase the risk of fire in your 'habitat

More formally and because it has to be considered:

Each person is personally responsible for any damage or accident he/she causes. He is also responsible for the actions of persons staying with him and/or visitors. In case of a serious infraction of the present R.O.I., the managing director, with or without the agreement of the OA, can temporarily exclude any cooperator, the time to set up a meeting with the Council of Lights. 

Serious reasons that may result in dismissal are:

  1. deliberate or malicious damage
  2. Non-payment or insufficient payment of charges, including rental charges
  3. Insufficient maintenance or non-conformity with the legislation of the site and/or the habitat (see annex constructive charter and CGT legislation)
  4. Repeated failure to comply with safety standards
  5. repeated non-compliance with the rules concerning waste separation
  6. repeated non-compliance with animal regulations
  7. Asocial and repetitively disruptive behaviour


    The allocation and choice of land is based on the project presented and discussed with the project incubator, which will refer to the AO and the OA.
    If you occupy a plot of land we ask you to pay a deposit of 850 Euros in addition to the annual fee, which you will get back when you leave after checking out.

    3- ANNUAL FEES :

    The rental of a plot of land is at the price of 1250 Euros per year excluding charges and packages. The amount of fees per year are as follows for 2022:

    • Electricity: meter fee of 18.5 VAT and consumption according to the supplier's price.
    • Water: meter fee of 18,5 € VAT and consumption according to the supplier's price.
    • Wifi and cable TV available according to availability and price to be determined
    • Intervention in waste management: 85% flat rate VAT INCLUDED. All these amounts include 6% VAT.

    The flat fee is valid for one dwelling, occupied by the cooperator, his/her spouse or legal cohabitant, their respective direct ascendants and descendants to whom the plot is allocated.

    In case of lending the plot to friends or acquaintances free of charge, we suggest that the invited persons participate in a conscious way to the financial sustainability of the cooperative.

    The subletting of a cooperator's home can be done according to certain terms and conditions, always in accordance with the agreement established with the OA.

    The basic model is as follows:

    • 30 Euros flat rate for the cooperative whatever the duration.
    • 25% of the rental price to the cooperative and 75% for the cooperators upon presentation of an invoice when the reservation is made by the cooperative.

    Cooperators whose particular investment in the cooperative requires their regular presence on the site can apply to occupy a second plot by paying the corresponding rent.

    Art.4- PAYMENTS

    The invoice for the annual consumption is sent at the end of the year.

    The invoice concerning the fixed prices (waste, meters) and the rent is sent at the beginning of the year and payable for the current year before February 1st (by transfer on the account ING BE93 3601 2282 7567 opened in the name of SC Naturia). We ask that you add the location number to the communication in relation to the payment made so that we can find it.

    If you are too late in paying your bills we will be forced to work harder so we will give you a second chance, after that you will be asked to pay an additional 10% of the amounts due.

    If nothing is done and after a formal notice sent by registered mail or against receipt, the delegate for daily management may proceed to the eviction of the habitat from the campsite. The costs of handling, transporting and possibly guarding the displaced habitat will be at the exclusive charge of the concerned cooperator and will be deducted from the deposit paid, if necessary, they will be indisputably due by the tenant and will be invoiced.



    The habitats installed on the plots must be useful for a project and correspond to the construction charter (Appendix 6). All questions regarding the facilities are to be discussed with the AO and, if necessary, at the GA.



    We ask that you keep the site you occupy clean and tidy. We don't have a problem with tall grass, but we do have a problem with a neglected site ;)

    The maintenance of the pitch can also be requested from the cooperative for a fixed price of 1 hour (25 Euros/hour) if you cannot do it properly yourself.

    We want to create a certain coherence at the level of the plantations, we ask you to refer to the book of plantation which will be elaborated from the recommendations of Natagora. 

    The grassy areas are fragile especially in rainy weather, respect them by not driving and leaving your car on the parking lot in case of bad weather.



    The sorting of the garbage is done according to the indications of the management The bags (available at the reception) must be deposited in the containers provided and according to the method set by the managers of the eco-camp.



    We drive at a slow pace (not even 10km/h) and we don't drive between 10pm and 7am. If you don't want to leave your car on the parking lot, you will have to park it on the rented place.

    The cooperative is not responsible for accidents or theft on the camp grounds.

    Gas, oil and electric cooking and heating appliances must be installed in such a way as to present all safety guarantees. The maximum power is 16A.

    It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons into the campsite.

    If you want to party, talk to the management and we will try to find a more secluded place to make noise. On the sites you can of course listen to or make music, but think of the others.

    Between 10pm and 8am we try to be as quiet as possible.

    We also want to keep quiet moments during the day, we ask you to be to be particularly quiet and not to use motorized equipment every day between 12:00 and 15:00 and on Sundays. Unless prior agreement of the management, any use of noisy machine tools is authorized (within the limits of common sense and respect for others):

    Thursday between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm

    Monday to Saturday between 10am and 12pm

    Aware that the land, its development, its maintenance and certain constructions may require the use of noisy machines, the management informs the co-operators and the tenants as much as possible beforehand.

    Campers and cooperators are required to comply with the following safety standards to minimize the risk of fire - all outdoor fires are prohibited outside the designated areas,- barbecues must be secured as much as possible

    - the storage of gas cylinders is only authorized outside the dwellings and their number must be limited to 2 per site. (one for use and one for reserve but never two used at the same time)

    In case of intervention, it is imperative to warn the emergency services (112 : Urgent medical assistance and firemen, 101 : Police); to close and evacuate the gas bottles; to use the fire extinguishers provided at the 3 fire stations on the campsite, to warn the occupants of the contiguous pitches as well as the persons in charge, to ensure the free passage of the vehicles on the access road to the disaster.

    An internal contingency plan is being developed and may modify the above.


    Art. 9 Use of Wifi and exposure to waves

    As we have among us a cooperator suffering from HSE, (electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity) and as the question of the impact of the waves on our health and on the environment is a subject which concerns us, we suggest to all the people passing through, to the seasonal workers and to the cooperators to limit as much as possible the use of the Wifi and of the 3,4,5 G. To do this, we suggest that people who want to stay connected acquire a box to connect to the Internet by wire. The Wifi of Naturia is only accessible at the reception and on the terrace of the bar.

    Art.10- DOGS and other domestic animals

    The dogs of the cooperators, guests and walkers must be tied or kept on a leash and remain under the supervision and responsibility of their masters.

    All dogs are allowed, except for the breeds mentioned in the list of dangerous dogs published in the Belgian Official Gazette of 29/10/1999 under the reference 35553, unless prior authorization is given.

    The cooperators who own dogs, big or small, will make sure that they do not disturb anyone and are responsible for any damage caused.

    Their droppings must be picked up by .... the owners;) A maximum of 2 dogs per parcel is allowed.

    Art.11- USE OF WATER

    It is strictly forbidden to waste water, especially in dry periods (washing cars and using hoses, running taps for long periods). We also suggest to have a rainwater harvesting system for each house.


    The cooperative owns and/or rents several common infrastructures on the site of Naturia (the Bar-Boutique area, the brewery, the garage, the common kitchen, the sanitary facilities, ....). These are placed under the management and responsibility of the manager and/or the persons mandated by the OA.The conditions of use, occupancy and access are subject to the agreement of the authorized persons.