Based on our missions, our values and our vision cooperators presented different projects (based on the project sheet and/or of worksheet) explained here in a few words.

Let yourself be inspired to present yours and participate in the adventure ;)

The sun of permaculture: Realization of a permaculture sun on the plain in front of the reception to eventually harvest vegetables and fruits to be consumed on site. If you want to know more about this project, go to the discovery walk.

La Clairière: Shelter for homeless people: this association has become a cooperator of Naturia to develop three projects:

  • to allow the beneficiaries to feel simply welcomed somewhere and to progressively get back in touch with a work dynamic by a weekly participation in the works in progress on the site and or simply 'to settle' on the site.
  • produce honey from the hives installed in the old playground.
  • provide a trailer for people in crisis situations requiring 'greening'.

The Pleco's laundry room:
A Naturia cooperator is at the service of anyone who wants to wash their clothes.

The walks:
Discovery of the site by proposing a discovery walke and to shift the gaze by proposing staggered walks.

The small museum:
Installation of a small museum to change the way we look at the world:
"What if the ducks"

Naturia in residence:
Hosting artists in residence in a yurt and/or a cottage to support a creative process on the site.

Creation of a fishing school

Creation of a sewing workshop