We are looking for cooperators who are motivated by:

  • administrative work: accounting, subsidy research, file follow-up, contact with the municipality, shaping of the labeling process, ....
  • workcamps: organization and supervision of participative workcamps, construction of inspiring habitats (in connection with the constructive charter), construction of the playground (see Schuiten's plans)...
  • planting: research of subsidies and planting of native plants, vegetable garden, orchard, etc..
  • the kitchen: organization of the offer, cooking, implementation of an integration project.
  • the setting up of activities: guided tour of the site, of what we discover there (fauna and flora), organization of creative workshops
  • the reflection and the implementation of an economic model that allows to think about sustainability (e.g. the viability model)
    inclusion of our cooperative in the national and international dynamics of cooperatives

And many other things that may arise from meeting you and the site in the future.