We suggest that you use this form to write your project for Naturia :

Form to present your project: let's explore other possibilities

A. IDENTIFICATION (we obviously look forward to meeting you (maybe we already have) but in the meantime tell us who you are: last name, first name, address, phone, e-mail) and then tell us what drives you 🙂

B. PROJECT TITLE and why not: find a little name for it ;))

C. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT, a little bit of everything but to make it clear:
- The objectives (where are we going? you may even have some ideas for numbers)
What field of exploration does the project fall into: economic, ecological, socio-cultural?
The public (who is it for?)

D. PHASING, what a funny word, basically it is so that you can give the steps for the development of the project and the time needed (from 0 to 100 years)

E. CROSS-CUTTING ASPECTS OF THE PROJECT, ... are there other dimensions involved, collaborations to be established, other co-dependent projects?

F. HUMAN, FINANCIAL, INFRASTRUCTURE, LAND NEEDS (here we need figures, a budget and also estimates of human resources, to see if we are able to mobilize things and also plan the best time(s))

G. AND THEN .... How do you think your project will enrich, beautify, fertilize Naturia, what benefits do you think the project will bring?

The whole can be sent to the attention of Tanguy de Foy by email and then do not hesitate to contact Naturia for more information

You will find an example of a project sheet here