The characteristics of our governance model are intended to generate a multidimensional social dynamic: access to information, openness and accountability, conscious management of resources, culture, recognition of future generations, environmental protection and sustainable development. Our model is based on circles of governance that have their own autonomy while being interconnected like any complex system.

Missions and visions of the circles in our governance model

Missions and visions of the circles in our governance model

As in any project, visions, missions and responsibilities are built and evolve with time, with the exchanges between the circles and what they can bring according to the seasons. We must constantly question ourselves and evolve according to the place and the people who live there.

Welcome and Departure Circle

We are in a world of immediacy, of consumption, where what counts is what I can get in the present and for my personal benefit from the exploitation of the world around me. We suggest that we shift from the position of consumer to the position of actor of a change.

Naturia is a place of projects, a place of intentions and transitions in connection with everything that the site (and its inhabitants) suggests. It is a place of stories linked to the past and a place of hope for the future.

It is a place that is open to the outside world, welcoming all actors as soon as they wish to stay there for a while (more or less long)

Entrances and exits are part of the normal life of the place, as for any living organism.

"Being involved" and "being considered" are two of the benchmarks we would like to emphasize for our Circle.

Food Circle

We still have a lot of difficulty respecting what the earth provides for us. If food is basically a primary need, it has become a major stake for the consumer society and a marker of all our drifts. Today, in Belgium, 65% of the population does not have confidence in the healthy nature of what they eat. Eating differently is one of the first feasible steps (for some, because social inequalities are cruelly at work here) to initiate more profound changes. Sharing food is also an excellent way to pass it on.

Naturia is a space and moments of life. Inevitably (and fortunately), we eat and drink here. What seems to be a banality or a habit should be thought in connection and coherence with our value charter or our DNA (not yet defined).

Everything that is eaten and drunk at Naturia should be chosen on the basis of multiple criteria and a reading grid, for example:

Avoid all products of the food industry giants

Promote local and short circuits

To ensure that the ingredients and components of the entire chain (transport, production conditions (human and animal), etc.) are "healthy and socially just".

Permaculture Observation Circle

We know, we read, we hear that we are heading towards resource depletion, possible collapse, forest destruction. There is the climate change that is not taken into consideration enough and the need to deal with long-term population migration.
We need to quickly increase our energy and food autonomy, to work on resilience, to move from individualism to collective. We need others and pooling our talents will take us further.

The circle is interested in what is being done within each circle. It listens, questions, challenges and suggests, based on the 7 dimensions of the permaculture flower of life.

At Naturia, the circle takes care of the permaculture ethic in the broadest way: "Taking care of myself, others and the world".

The circle maps and documents the ethical principles of permaculture and their practical application and thus contributes to the drafting of a charter, to the proposal of guidelines and this, from the moment of reception (in collaboration with the circle "Welcome and Departure"). The circle develops an action plan with the farmer, assesses the needs (in collaboration with the circle "Food").

Permaculture emphasizes cooperation, care for the "collective", and transmission. The circle works to raise awareness that everything we do has an impact. It invites each circle to ask itself the question of its place: "What purpose does the project serve in the ecosystem? What energy will my project inject into the ecosystem? What energy in return?"

Activities and Leisure Circle

We live on a land that we globally ignore, in a human societal organization that shows more and more that it is at the end of a cycle. The democratic model is running out of steam. Between fears and anxieties of the unknown, human society risks polarizing and freezing in positions where each one seeks to exist by (re)-creating the world in his own image without taking into account the interrelation of each one with all that surrounds us (the place, the beings who inhabit it,...)

Naturia is a combination of space and time that is inseparable from our cardinal values, our DNA. In this sense, we encourage all forms of activities and leisure that :

  • respects nature in general and the site in particular and brings participants closer to it
  • brings joy, lightness and pleasure to be together
  • is not motivated by personal financial gain
  • invites its participants to reflect on and better understand our environment
  • transmits knowledge and skill sharing
  • promotes cooperation rather than individual competition
  • undoubtedly contributes to the development of Naturia as a whole and its identity
  • ensures the greatest possible accessibility (financial and cultural)
  • does not try to grow too much and leaves room and time for other activities and hobbies
  • be "sponsored" by at least one cooperator
  • is primarily intended for Naturia's occupants (whether they are seasonal or just passing through)
  • which is integrated into the local fabric and offer

Shadow Watching Circle

The health crisis we are going through is a symptom of the excesses into which the so-called consumer society and the dynamics of capitalist exploitation have dragged us.

Naturia, a site that brings together ecological, sociological and economic issues, appears to be a potential space for implementing transformative practices and transition dynamics.

Two types of shadows must be taken into account: those that could cover up the emerging practices and close them in on old habits; those that are destined to emerge from the shadows and whose emergence must be facilitated.

The circle proposes:

  • to be attentive to the potential of the site, to what is housed there and to what is discovered there.
  • to be attentive to the pitfalls, to the unthought, to the return of the same
  • to keep the attention of the cooperators on these different elements.

External Relations Circle

Human relations are nowadays undermined by radically opposed lifestyles. In a caricatured way, we could distinguish, on the one hand, humans who limit their vision to the short term, use the available resources without worrying about their renewal, exploit and speculate in a restricted area of interest; on the other hand, humans limited in their possibility to act and live, sometimes obliged to be simple survivors, their situation of precariousness making any long-term vision impossible. Between the two, there are still some potential spaces, bearers of hope and a possible way of thinking to reconnect with justice and nature, to create new relationships between people.

Naturia's "External Relations" circle has set itself the task of developing relations with everything that presents itself as external, i.e. both outside the project and on its edge, at its border. The aim is to create passages towards similar dynamics and to intensify them in new exchanges.

Our relationships are developing in several directions:

  • The tenants, at the frontier of our present, bearers of stories and knowledge to put our strange arrival in continuity with what has taken place;
  • The people of the region who are engaged in transition processes, who are trying to create new economic links between them, to allow our concern for discontinuity to take shape;
  • The associative actors ;
  • The local and regional authorities, whether at the level of regulations specific to our activity (CGT) or at the more political and economic level, to become an actor in an existing reality and try to play a transforming role;
  • The actors of the tourist field: organisers of walking or horse riding tours, bicycle rental companies, nature or history guides, etc. to provide tourists with links to new stories.

Stewardship Circle

We are on a site with a history that spans several decades. This history has left its mark on people's minds and on the land.

We are faced with the complexity of hypermodernity between ecological concerns, technological profusion and political ambiguities.

We will have to specify economic development orientations, make social and solidarity-based choices without being taken back by the repetitions and temptations of the neoliberal model.

We are attentive to the way in which local, communal and regional dynamics will interact with the site, with our way of caring for it and its surroundings.

We want to position ourselves with the utmost caution in the face of management practices that are disempowering, even dehumanizing, in favor of what comes under the heading of "taking care.

The Naturia management circle has set itself the task of caring for the site, its inhabitants, its ecology and its economy in the service of the circles and the ideas promoted by the cooperators.

The stewardship circle deals with all practical issues that arise on a daily basis:

  • answers to questions, requests and reservations (e-mails, telephone and RS)
  • reception and departure of campers,
  • payment of benefits
  • daily maintenance of all on-site infrastructure
  • management and supervision of all activities and leisure activities
  • on-site personnel management
  • contacts with suppliers and service providers...
  • provide janitorial services

The management circle ensures a continuous presence on the site and maintains a dialogue with the tenants and the site in the broadest sense: listening to the needs, paying attention to shifts.