Charter of Naturia- Ecocamp of Chimay

To create and live a place of meeting and passage in which we explore inspiring changes (economic, ecological and social) towards a local and global transition

 Naturia's values:

The Naturia project is based on five main values:
ECORS : Exploration - Contribution - Opening - Meeting - Wisdom.

Here's how we try to live each of them day by day.

To explore is to accept to go towards change, towards transition, towards the unknown. It is a way of welcoming what is coming, of drawing the contours of it with attention to future generations. At Naturia, we experience change through trials and adaptations. We discover fields that are not necessarily within our competence but that require a commitment that allows us to grow together from our failures and to change our point of view.
The site, its geographical and social situation, leads us to explore new ways of living and relating to others and the environment. This translates into games, workshops, the organization of events and the construction of new relationships with the fauna and flora but also a global ecological and economic vision through the Naturia project.
To explore is also to allow oneself to do things differently than usual without deviating into the absurd. We want to be in the moment and create a framework that gives everyone, visitor or cooperator, the freedom to participate in the project of change and to transform the site based on their experience.

The Contribution:
To contribute is to bring something to others and to Nature. Whether it is a physical help, a moral support or the sharing of knowledge, it is the desire to contribute to the construction of a better World that is the main thing at Naturia.
Contributing means adding value, creating an atmosphere, improving the site, acting in the project or broadening its range of activities. Everyone at Naturia, whether a tenant, a visitor or a cooperator, is also called upon to leave a trace. This trace can take many forms, whether you are an artist or not, everyone is invited to contribute to the project by leaving a trace, as a simple gift of a little of yourself.
Contributing is also about sharing in confidence, about inspiring rather than controlling. At Naturia, contractual obligations are governed by trust in others, we do not appreciate legal contracts or bonds, so we gladly lend equipment that could be useful to our visitors (dishes, fishing rods, lighting, ..)
Finally, to contribute is to commit to respect Nature, to work for change and ecological transformation not only when you are on the Naturia site but also, as far as possible, every day and everywhere.

The Opening:
To be open to the World and to others through tolerance is, according to us, to understand and accept differences and other points of view without judgment. We want the site to be accessible to everyone, intergenerationally, whatever their way of life, including their particular sensitivities (to noise, to waves, to motors...), their weaknesses or their handicaps (physical or mental)
We also open up by listening to visitors and foreign travelers so that they can share their opinions about Naturia with us.
Opening up through respect, because at Naturia, each visitor or cooperator is committed to respecting others and nature, to look for the positive in everyone. We must also set an example every day by our behavior, simple gestures such as picking up a piece of paper that is lying around or tidying up and cleaning the common areas.
To open up to oneself by respecting one's limits and commitments. At Naturia, this translates into a coherence between one's behavior, one's actions and the promises that have been made.

The Meeting:
Meet by paying attention to others but also to oneself by being fully aware, connected to Nature, to others, to the atmosphere, ... to things.
To meet is to welcome people, whether they are visitors, tenants, suppliers, or neighbors. We share with everyone the history of Naturia, its site, the nature that surrounds it, the people who live there, its history and its future. We also encourage our visitors to be welcoming to others.
To meet is to discover, to be surprised, touched and amazed by the people you meet and by the site itself.
To meet is to learn more serenely, to let go while respecting the other inhabitants and the surrounding nature. Many activities can be organized in this state of mind such as yoga, fishing, botany, discovering the site, ... allowing to spend a peaceful and serene moment.
To meet is also to reconnect with Nature, to be inspired by it and sometimes to meet oneself.

We must be patient. Unfortunately, humans are not yet ready for a radical and voluntary transition. Before the transition becomes a brutal and forced change (end) we decide to act now. Because we believe in the positive contamination by the experience of Naturia, it is by showing strong commitments and a lot of humility in our thoughts and actions, but also of soft and inclusive pedagogy that we will be able to reinforce or give birth to the desire to build a more beautiful world, more serene, more respectful of people and nature.