A. IDENTIFICATION (name, surname, address, telephone and e-mail)

The following points are mentioned as guidelines, consider them only if they are relevant to your project 🙂

B. PROJECT TITLE: The yurt in residence

Artist's residence in a yurt in inspiring habitat, rented out outside of the residence period

C. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT (objectives, highlight how the project opens up a field of economic, ecological, social-cultural exploration, if relevant to which target audience):

First of all, a residency is originally "a place that welcomes one or more artists so that they can carry out research or creative work, without any obligation of result". The idea here is to facilitate creation by providing a place to live to offer the possibility of creative exploration from our territory, Naturia.
This residency could take multiple forms and be accessible to artists from different universes and for varying lengths of time (with a maximum duration of 3 months to allow for the rental of the yurt during the school vacations).
Depending on the duration of the residency and the artist chosen, we propose to reflect with the artist on the modalities of sharing his or her creative process in order to make a return to the place (this could take the form of an exhibition, the setting up of a workshop, the sharing of texts during an evening reading....)

We propose the installation of a yurt on a site to be defined. This one would be 27 m2.
From April to June it would be made available to an artist or artists in residence.
It will be available for rent the rest of the time.

The Fédèration Wallonie Bruxelles publishes a guide of all the places of residences for artists in which we could propose our offer.

D. PHASING (Describe the main stages of the project and the time required)

January, February 2023: installation of the yurt according to the planned location
March: definition of a 'specification' for the attention of artists and calls for projects in collaboration with the administrator in charge of research and development
April-June: hosting of residencies the first year, the other years it would be from March to May.
The rest of the time and when there are no artists renting to people passing through Naturia.
The rental of this yurt would be on the basis of a rental of cooperators as it is defined for all cooperators who rent his house (flat rate, percentage to be paid to the cooperative)

E. CROSS-CUTTING SCOPE OF THE PROJECT ( What synergies are developed? How does the project potentially involve other dimensions of Naturia?)

We think that the fact of welcoming an artist who develops a creative process is already in itself a promising project to give shape to what is happening elsewhere on the site.
Synergies with other projects (setting up a common work space, setting up a workshop in which the artist works...) could support the work of an artist. In the other direction the work of the artist could be present, shared with the people passing by, the cooperators, the tenants. Everything will obviously depend on the artist and his project.

F. WHAT are the human and financial needs of the project? (consider writing a budget and a detailed plan of the human and financial resources needed in connection with point D)

We commit ourselves to pay the construction of the yurt, the necessary material and to pay the annual rent of the site.
The selection of the artists would be based on the specifications defined with the OA and the reception of the artists thought according to the availability of the project leader to welcome them.

The financial means requested from Naturia are therefore nil. However, the reception of visitors would be done according to the terms and conditions of the Ecocamp's activity.

The necessary human resources would be the time to be able to think together about the specifications as well as the possible follow-ups to be given from the work of the person in residence and will have to be examined case by case.

G. AND THEN .... How do you think your project will enrich, beautify, fertilize Naturia, what benefits do you think the project will bring?

For financial benefits -> see budget
We believe that hosting artists in residence allows Naturia to fertilize the creative process which could, according to the artists, give rise to workshops, exhibitions, moments of exchange and meetings.